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After a year's lapse we returned to one of Lincolnshire's biggest Charter Fairs of the season.
We look at the chief attractions in attendance at one of the best ever presentations held here.

Market Place.

Making its first appearance was Austin Holland's Waltzer purchased end of last season.

There was also a first time visit for Albert Holland's Extreme standing by the Assembly Rooms.

After 2 or 3 years absence Jamie Clark's Freak Out returned, the only ride of its kind at the fair.

Jamie also enjoyed sole rights with the fair's only Superbowl.

We found George Burrows' Jumper on the position where original owner James Cox first opened it.

Dorinda Holland's Dodgem popular as always.

Bimbo Bishton opened his steam powered Gallopers.

From Freddie Stokes this year was just his Fun House.

Finally in its usual position was the arcade of Leighton Holmes, one of three at the fair this year.

Wide Bargate section of the fair.

Spencer Hall's Ghost Train was the first major attraction found here.

Asa Johnson's Funfair Crazy Fun House first of several staple attractions in this area.

Robert Edwards' Helter Skelter.

Lawrence Appleton's Arcade.

A view along the street showing some of the attractions in attendance.

Robert Hill's Mini Bulls again popular with the youngsters

Finally at the end was Brady Turvill's Super Slide.

Bargate Green car park.

Towering over the section was the fair's first headline new attraction - Darren Matthews' Air Maxx Capriolo.

Alex Holland's Dodgem riding well during our visit.

Bertie Holland opened his Waltzer on its usual position.

Popular with the youngsters was Bert Holland's Dragon Coaster.

Finally Samantha Holland with her Sizzler Twist.

The Cattle Market car park.

Greeting the punters was this pretty impressive sight of many changes following the sale of John Bugg's three positions.

Towering over the whole fair was another headline new attraction from Darren Matthews - his giant Sky Swing.

The third headline thrill ride was Abie Danter Jnr's AIR Star Shape making its Lincolnshire debut.

A surprise for many was the fair's second Capriolo with Walter Murphy's 2Xtreme back in the UK following the winter in Hong Kong.
It's no stranger to the fair, its last appearance was in the Market Place 2013.

Murphy's Capriolo shared John Bugg's former Dodgem position with Jason Gray's Jumper on a first appearance.

Dane Crow's Extreme on its usual position.

Billy Crow's Cyclone Twist was also in attendance.

The third and final Twist at the fair was Albert John & Julie Evans' Twister.

The third Waltzer was Albert John Evans' Atmosphere Creator on its usual posituion
Perhaps dwarfed heightwise by the surrounding rides but not by its appearance, sound or popularity!

John Holdsworth had the only adult set of Crazy Bulls present this year.

Jensen and Michele Stewart's Fun House supporting the major rides.

Finally the third arcade at the fair from Mathew Dowse.


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