Second part looks at more established types of rides and supporting attractions at the 2017 Hoppings fair.

Tagada's were popular again on the Moor.

Keith Turner's machine with its new trailer-mounted backflash from Colour Banners.

Just a few positions up was the only ride from the Stewart Robinson stable this year.

Five Waltzer's again at The Hoppings.

Billy Freeman with the Murphy family machine.

William Henry Clark now with new false pillars.

Keith Turner.

Alan Crow.

J W Shaw Amusements provided by Farrar Shaw.

More stable, contemporary and traditional rides.

Jamie Clark with one of four Dodgem tracks, no traditional models this year.

The only conventional Twist came from Michael Gallagher, Billy Crow's lifting Cyclone was also present.

Of the three Miami's present Steven Hill seemed the most popular on the final day.

Keith Turner had one of the three Jumper rides present.

Two Freak Out rides both from the Clark family with William Henry's machine seen in full swing.

A second Matterhorn present was from Scott Pullen.

On the back row the widely travelled Ski Jump Coaster from Jamie Whiting & Charles Church Jnr.

Nearby was the only Superbob at the fair from Tony Litliernhurnest.

Richard Smith's Paratrooper returned after its debut last year.

Stanley Freeman Jnr's Tip Top returned to the back row after a couple of years on the front.

As per last year Brett Graham provided the only Gallopers at the fair.

Near the Gallopers was Frankie Howard's Lighthouse Slip at the Gosforth End.

Plenty of small Roller Coasters for the families.

On a first appearance was the new Frozen Coaster of Reece Wheatley down from Scotland.

James Stokes' Happy Caterpillar was back for a second year.

Also new last year was Macaulay Hart's Happy Caterpillar which this year moved to replace J W Shaw's Orbiter.

Jamie Whiting opened his latest self-built Runaway Train next to his Ghost Train.

Billy Hill's winter-themed Ice Dragon Coaster was again on the show row.

Further down on back row was William Caris' Go Gator which first appeared last year.

The headline attractions on the Moor for younger visitors.

Newest juvenile on the Moor was Jorden Crole's Monster Trucks.

Of the four Race-O-Rama rides one on a first appearance was Dane Crow's latest juvenile ride.

Andrew Harniess had the only set of Dumbos present (next to his Sea Storm also with sole rights this year).

Keith James with the only larger Formula ride.

Davis Stokes' Waveswinger stood at the City Centre end of the Moor.

Barrie Turvill's Astro Slide was one of three present.

A novel kids ride on the main row was the Demolition Derby next to J W Shaw's Waltzer.

Another novelty to the Hoppings was the Perrin Mott-built Helicopter Ride.

Heading the big side attractions and shows.

A fresh Fun House was provided by John Stokes returning to his native territory.

Gilbert Chadwick Jnr had his Fun House and Ghost Train side-by-side.

David Wallis' unique Ice Maze on the rear machine row.

A combined ride & show is the Crazy Bulls with John Holdsworth's ride popular as ever.

Finally a novel attraction drawing a crowd was this mobile Zip Wire.

Finally a brief look at some of the games.

John Graham Jnr with one of three Arcades on the Moor.

Local showman Peter Richardson provided his Bingo.

Edward Percival with one of three Derby Racers.

Finally a novel game returns to the Moor - Daley Capps' Whack A Minion.


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