First part looks at the fresh and thrill rides that headed the 2017 Hoppings fair.

Dane Crow's Exciter.

Brand new product the Warp 10 from Tivoli Manufacturing this year and open for just the second time.

Other fresh rides on the Moor.

Alan Crow's new Dodgem direct from Kolmax open for the first time on the Moor.

Gerald Reeves' Ice Jet Matterhorn on its first appearance.

Jonathan Scarrott provided one of two fresh Star Flyers, his a family friendly 30 metre Pfleger Rides model.

The second Star Flyer is the latest to arrive in the UK, one of the three 60 metre Around the World models built by Dutch showman Jean-Marie van der Beek. This particular model the last built in 2010 spent the last two years in Dubai in the ownership of The Mellors Group. Since arriving in the UK was sold to M & D Events and was open for just the second time in its new ownership.

M & D Events also provided a change of Giant Wheel on the Moor with the firm's Bussink Wheel replacing the larger Fabbri Wheel.

Another new ride on the Hoppings was James Crecraft's Supertrooper.

A look at the other changes on the Newcastle Hoppings.

Graham Sedgwick's Rock Rage Inversion made a welcome change.

Back in the UK - Warren James' Take Off which had been open in Dubai since Autumn 2013.

Mitchell Smith's Round-Up returned to the Moor after appearing at the weather affected 2012 event.

After bringing his Acrobat to the Moor last year, John Wesseldine this time provided the first Trabant to open for many years a ride which used to grace the front row in Billy Crow's ownership in the 1980's.

Also back in the UK from Dubai - the Log Flume of Premier Attractions which Abie Danter previously opened at The Hoppings.

Providing skyscraping thrills on the Moor.

Freddy & Davis Stokes' Mach 5 Booster Maxx moving onto the position James Mellors Star Flyer stood in recent years.

Michael Wallis Jnr's Vertigo Booster returning back to its original position.

Elliot Crow's Speed Buzz KMG Speed on the back row this year.

After opening his Top Scan here last year, Stanley Reeves Jnr moved the Reverse Bungee back to its established position.

The headline attractions on the Moor in order of position.

Michael Houghton's Superstar back on its original position at the City Centre end.

James Stokes' Over the Top.

Abie Danter Jnr's formidable AIR Star Shape.

Jamie Clark's Superbowl.

Joe William Whitelegg's Top Scan standing on front row.

Ryan Crow's Afterburner recently rethemed as The Beast.

Derek Hackett's Xlerator Project X on front row with new backflash.

Dane Crow's Extreme.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's Atmosfear Loop Fighter on position near Gosforth End.

Kent Litliernest's Oxegen Enterprise.

Andrew Harniess' Sea Storm.

Three adult Roller Coasters on Moor in established positions.

Abie Danter Jnr's Wild Mouse Spinning Coaster.

The Mellors Group brought the usual Spinning Coaster out of Fantasy Island for The Hoppings.

John Wesseldine's Change Toboggan Coaster on the back row towards the city centre end.


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