A look at the principal attractions that headed the 2017 fair.

Freddy Jnr & Davis Stokes' Booster Maxx

One of the larger Fabbri Booster rides returned to the line-up after a year's lapse. First visit of the Doncaster based brothers with Mach 5 which had just returned from their Winter engagement in Hong Kong. The visit was well rewarded not only by queues on Friday & Saturday evenings but also winning the Best Ride Trophy voted by enthusiasts from the Fairground Association of Great Britain.

Carousel Funfairs' Star Flyer

First Star Flyer to attend since Michael Wallis on same position in 2014, the Sky View the tallest of its type to appear in Kirkcaldy was operated here by Daley Harniess. The ride is accompanied by company director Shelden Hart's DAF formerly used on Over the Top which was incidentally back again this year.

Jan de-Koning's King Swing

There was a first time visit for this Funlight-built Freak Out variant new in 2013. This machine provided healthy competition for Horne's Pleasure Fairs' ever popular KMG Freak Out only two positions away!

Horne's Pleasure Fairs' latest Miami.

Having sold their previous version to John Turbett in Ireland, this latest version was new to John W. Adcroft in 2012 from Harry Steer and opened at Portrush on the Irish Coast. Charlie Horne told us further improvements including a top sign are due to be fitted.

Returning to the Links Market this year.

Rodney Johnstone's Matterhorn which last attended in 2014, itself a last minute substitution for David Taylor's newly imported Safeco Hang Jump which wasn't quite ready for its UK debut.

With the same owners' Waltzer moving to another position David Thomson & Sons' Superbob returned after a year's absence.

The Gallopers position was occupied by Ryan Colquhoun's set with new set of top boards built by Reeves Amusements and decorated to high standard by Derek Charles Slater.

The other major headline rides at the Links Market.

Jonathan Wheatley's KMG Speed Buzz on the position it made its UK debut 10 years ago.

Abie Danter's AIR Star Shape & Wild Mouse.

David Thomson & Sons' Booster.

Mitchell Wilmot's Air Raid Extreme new last year here.

Horne's Pleasure Fairs Freak Out.

Gerald Reeve's Matterhorn which made its debut in 2015.

Jon Johnson-White's Tagada as popular as ever.

James Stokes' Over the Top which made its debut in his ownership a year ago.

Graham Sedgwick's Super Spin.

Andrew Harniess' Sea Storm.

Stanley Gamble enjoying sole rights of having the only Jumper open here.

The five Waltzer's on the Esplanade

Asa Taylor

David Thomson & Sons

Justin Codona

Christian Horne

Joe Taylor

Staple attractions at the Links Market.

Morgan Miller's traditional Dodgem track (pictured) holding its own against two newer Adesko sets from Horne's Pleasure Fairs & Jan de-Koning further up the Esplanade.

Horne's Pleasure Fairs providing one of the usual two Twist's on the Links Market.

Other than Horne's already mentioned, the second Miami was John Wheatley's popular Limbo Dancer.

Headlining the attractions supporting the big rides.

Billy Burns on first visit with his Fun House.

Sammy Stokes also brought his Fun House here for first time.

Another newcomer Dean Stirling provided the largest Fun House.

Asa Pullar's Fun House one of the most popular of its kind.

Sammy Stokes had the only Ghost Train on the Esplanade.

A vintage side attraction returned in the same of Alfred Clarke's Rib-Tickler winning the Best Supporting Attraction Cup.

David Wallis' Ice Maze on its annual visit to Links Market.

Heading the new attractions for youngsters...

Reece Wheatley's Frozen Rollercoaster located in the Basin.

Jay Dean Storey's smaller Coaster made a first appearance in place of Gilbert Chadwick's Ghost Train. Gilbert did bring along his Fun House.

Jay Dean Storey's Frozen Swing returned after its debut last year.

David Thomson & Sons provided their new Car ride built by Reeves Amusements similar to the Clements Race-O-Rama.

Andrew Harniess again provided for families his Dumbo ride.

Ervin Gamble's Big Apple Coaster was also popular.

The only Clements-built Race-O-Rama on the fair was provided by John Whiting.

Some views of the Links Market.

Friday evening.

Friday night.

Saturday afternoon.


David Wallis won the Best in Transport for his DAF unit which hauls the Ice Maze. Well deserved too.


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