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A photographic look at some of the attractions that headed the 2016 fair.

New major attractions

M & D Taylor's Bussink-built Hanse Rad Giant Wheel replacing the slightly taller Fabbri ride which attended Nottingham.

Darren Matthews' Air-Maxx Capriolo & No Limit Street Fighter.

A S Crow & Sons Amusements' KMG Speed Buzz Booster.

Mitchell Witmot's Air Raid Extreme.

Taylor's Cumbria Amusements Dodgem track replaced Michael Harris' track which attended Nottingham
Instead of replacing track just Michael's cars were substituted on this track for the second week.

Marshall Waddington Jnr's Hard Rock 2 Miami was on first appearance on a central position.

Heading the new attractions for the family.

James Stokes' Family Rollercoaster.

Curtis Eddy's giant Fun House was at the Northern entrance to the fair.

Five attractions familiar to Hull Fair on first appearance in new ownership.

The Fabbri-built King Loops ride which appeared regularly between 1995 to 2001 with M & D Taylor returned with Sheridan Wesley.

Another familiar ride here is the seated Megaspin ARM Twin Spin which Ross Kayes opened on a floating position.

Facing the Megaspin was the Over the Top now owned by James Stokes.

Making its debut in new ownership was James Crecraft's Super Trooper which John Guest brought to Hull in the early 1990's.

Finally on its familiar position in new ownership was Dean Stirling's Fun House.

No less than four major rides returned to Hull after missing last year's fair.

Roger Tuby's Crazy Hopper Jump & Smile which last appeared in 2008 on a recently acquired position.

Following three rides last attended in 2014 - Jamie Clark's Freak Out...

...Michael F Wallis' Vertigo Booster...

...and David Taylor's Miami.

Hull has always been popular for Waltzer fans with eight in 2016.

Standing on Raymond Eddy's position was Jason Waddington with the family's Hard Rock on its first appearance for many years.

A S Crow's Waltzer was another ride making a return visit after several years due to no clash with Yarm Fair.

The Atmosphere Creator of Albert John Evans dazzling as ever with pumping rave music.

On its usual position the ride of Stewart Robinson.

Terry Atha's Hell-Blazer again on top form.

Opposite William Henry Clark Waltzer XL the sole Fairtrade-built version.

John Walter Shaw Amusements Razzamatazz favourite with all ages.

Finally Richmond family's Lazer Blazer hugely popular on 1 ticket on Walton Street.

Topping the bill of the thrill rides in attendance.

Abie Danter's AIR Star Shape.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's AtmosFear Loop Fighter (with Reverse Bungee behind again).

Freddy Jnr and Davis Stokes' Mach 5 Booster Maxx.

Spencer Stokes' Dreams Live Moon Dance on its third appearance this year replacing the family's now sold Superbob.

Darren Matthews' Sky Swing on its second appearance.

Dane Crow's ever popular Extreme on its 18th appearance at Hull.

A quartet of Afterburner-style rides this year, Jay Barwick's Freak Out a popular ride in the bottom row.

Headlining the rest of the major rides & shows.

Wilmot's Crazy Mouse Coaster back for 3rd year moving to position normally occupied by a Log Flume.

Stewart Robinson's Tagada was the only example in the main fair this year.

Theodore Whyatt's Jumping Frog one of five Jump & Smile rides present.

Andrew Harniess' Sea Storm popular as ever near to Walton Street.

Dorinda Holland provided one of six Dodgem tracks.

Plenty of Twist's this year, with Michael Gallagher (foreground) and Billy Crow's lifting Cyclone facing each other again.

Of the eight Miami's which attended Jay Barwick's Crazy Wave moved to John Farrar Ltd's Dodgem position for the full duration
It was probably the first time for generations that no Dodgem from the Farrar company attended Hull Fair due to the Nottingham clash.

There were four sets of Gallopers this year, including Michael Harris with the ex-Crow set on its usual position.

Gilbert Chadwick's Ghost Train was popular as ever, one of three dark rides present.

Heading the attractions aimed for the family.

Freddy Stokes provided his giant Jumbo Circus Fun House, there was however no room for the family's Mirror Show.

Showmen's Guild Past-President David Wallis opened his Ice Maze on his position direct from mini-tour of Norway.

Frankie Howard's Lighthouse Slip located by Walton Street.

Victor Gray provided the only Race-O-Rama in the main fair this year.

Amongst the juveniles area near Walton Street was David Litliernhurnest's fantastic Muffin ride.

Couple of the games in attendance.

John Lock Jnr's Poo in the Loo stall located near to Walton Street.

Finally Jonas Barwick asked us to photograph his well-stocked square stall.


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