A look at the major rides that headed the 2016 Hoppings fair.

Two fresh looping pendulum rides on the Moor.

From Northern Ireland the UK's one & only Mondial Jet Force was a newcomer to The Hoppings. Amanda Goss and Ann O'Connor's Ultra Buzz returned to mainland Britain for the first time since Cardiff New Year 2008/9 when it was owned by Dizzyland Fun Fairs.

Darren Matthews returned to the Moor with two new attractions, his No Limit was an additional Loop Fighter at the Exhibition Park end to the fair.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's ever popular AtmosFear meanwhile returned to its usual position riding well each night we were there...

...as did Abie Danter's AIR Star Shape returning to its old position down the bottom.

Two Top Scans making their Newcastle Hoppings

Also representing the Dutch manufacturer Mondial at The Hoppings were two Top Scans. Not the first time two have appeared here but on this occasion both recent acquisitions were on debuts here.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's Xtreme which spent the Winter out in Hong Kong.

Joe William Whitelegg's Top Scan which made its UK travelling debut in Manchester.

2016 also saw the return of a Mondial Capriolo

Darren Matthews' widely travelled Air-Maxx made its Newcastle debut on the ground occupied for many years by Crow's Gallopers. Last Capriolo to attend was Walter Murphy's 2Xtreme a few years ago.

Three different Booster type rides appeared.

Freddy & Davis Stokes' Mach5 Booster Maxx moved to the position where M & D Taylor's new sold Bomber Mk 2 previously stood.

A S Crow & Sons' Speed Buzz KMG Speed took a side position adjacent to the Great North Road.

Michael Wallis Jnr's Vertigo Booster moved down to his own position adjacent to Clark's Waltzer.

The KMG Afterburner style rides were well represented with one full-size version making its debut to join the two regular smaller Freak Outs.

A S Crow & Sons' Extreme Afterburner on its first full-season touring the UK having previously opened on these shores in 2000 & 2001 at various places including Hull with original owner Dutch showman Albert Ordelman.

Jamie Clark's Freak Out on its usual position...

...as was brother William Henry Clark's Kick Down Freak Out.

The other notable major novelty rides at The Hoppings.

Returning in new ownership and a new theme - Tony Litliernhurnest's Oxegen Enterprise with suspended cars.

Also making a return in new ownership - the King Loops with Sheridan Wesley.

Spencer Stokes' Moon Dance making its third appearance.

Derek Hackett's Xlerator Project X.

John Wheatley's Speed Buzz returned this year.

Baron Hart's Mack Happy Sailor on first appearance in back row this time.

Andrew Harniess' Euro Rides Sea Storm Happy Sailor was as popular as ever.

The Over the Top returns in new ownership of James Stokes.

Billy Crow's Cyclone lift-up Twist.

This year saw the debut of old-school rides.

John Wesseldine's Acrobat.

Jamie Whiting & Charles Church Jnr's Ski Jump the first Flying Coaster to appear for a few years.

Richard Smith brought along his Twister Lifting Paratrooper for the first time.

John Murphy's recently acquired Jump & Smile on the position Paul Hart's Top Spin was last year.

Some of the other larger attractions on the Moor.

Jame Mellors Amusements Star Flyer and Magic Mouse.

Abie Danter's Wild Mouse.

John Wesseldine Jnr's Toboggan Rollercoaster.

M & D Taylor just opened the Giant Wheel here this year.


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