A look at the attractions that headed the 2016 fair.

Richie Wilmot's Extreme

Acquired towards the end of last year by its owner, first appearance of the four-arm Air Raid at the Links.

Thomson's Funfairs' Waltzer

Acquired last year by the firm for their Funpark run, the Maxwell ride (currently undergoing a transformation) replaced their Superbob. This brought the number of Waltzer's at the fair back up to five after two years of the usual quartet.

Sheridan Wesley's King Loops

Making a welcome return to Kirkcaldy for the first time since 2002 was the ex-M & D Taylor ride, another ride which changed into new ownership last year. This was first time visit to Kirkcaldy with a machine for its new owner and husband Shaun James.

James Stokes' Over the Top.

Previously appearing at Kirkcaldy with Alan Crow, this ride was making its debut in new ownership. Recently purchased from Shelden Hart.

John White's Tagada

Big favourite on the Links Market was rewarded with Best Ride Trophy voted by enthusiasts. John recently acquired a smart DAF unit to haul the ride from place to place.

The other major headline rides at the Links Market.

Gerald Reeve's Matterhorn which made its debut last year

The Stargate a ride which has appeared in the past, for the first time here with Shaun Rogers.

Lawrence Bishton's Gallopers making a welcome return to the fair.

M & D Taylor's Giant Wheel.

Abie Danter's Wild Mouse & AIR Star Shape.

Graham Sedgwick's Super Spin & Rock Rage.

David Thomson's Booster.

Horne's Pleasure Fairs Freak Out.

Michael Houghton's Superstar.

The other four Waltzer's on the Esplanade

Asa Taylor

Christian Horne

Joe Taylor

Justin Codona

Headlining the attractions supporting the big rides.

Gilbert Chadwick with his mammoth Ghost Train and Fun House.

Trent Irvin's Walter Murphy-built Fun House on first visit.

Asa Pullar's Fun House one of the most popular of its kind.

Andrew Harniess provided for families his Dumbo ride.

Heading the new attractions for youngsters - Jay Dean Storey's Frozen Swing.

John Capps' Derby Racer sporting its recent D C Slater makeover.

Daley Capps provided a novel game in his Whack a Minion.

Finally, anyone for Bingo? Traditional game presented by the Hancock family.


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