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Before starting the four hour journey back home to the South, stopped in Walton Street for an hour to capture some loads parked up ready to leave and other rides in the process of packing away.

Selection of the some of the photos taken.

Michael Houghton's Superstar.

Baron Hart's Matterhorn.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's Reverse Bungee.

Shelden Hart's Over the Top.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's AtmosFear Loop Fighter.

Billy Crow & Son's Jump & Smile.

Albert John Evans' Waltzer.

Freddy Jnr and Davis Stokes' Mach 5 Booster Maxx

Freddy Stokes' Fun House.

Gilbert Chadwick's Ghost Train.

Jamie Clark's Superbowl.

Spencer Stokes' Moon Dance.

Tony Litliernhurnest's Superbob.

Scott Pullen's Matterhorn.

M & D Taylor's Flying Carpet being dismantled.

Abie Danter's AIR Star Shape.

Jay Barwick about to leave with his Freak Out load.

John Farrar Funfairs Dodgem loads.

General view of the far end of the ground.

Edward Percival's Pick.

Peter Richardon's Bingo.

Asa Pullar's Fun House load.

Michael Gallagher's Twist.

Graham Sedgwick's Rotor.

Billy Crow & Son's Twist.

Darren Matthews' Sky Swing.

Dorinda Holland's Dodgem loads.

Wiliiam Henry Clark's Waltzer.

M & D Taylor's Bomber Mk 2 Booster Maxx

Wesley Gill's Family Coaster loads.

Stewart Robinson's Dodgem main load.

Graham Sedgwick's Rock Rage.

Some of the loads waiting to leave.


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