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A photographic look at some of the attractions that attended.

Views of the fair.

New major attractions

M & D Taylor's recently acquired Flying Carpet.

Baron Hart's Happy Sailor replacing Raymond Eddy's Waltzer.

Freddy Jnr and Davis Stokes' Mach 5 Booster Maxx.

Darren Matthews' Sky Swing replacing Jame Mellors Amusements Star Flyer.

Taylor's Cumbria Amusements Reverse Bungee.

Hull has always been strong for Waltzer's.

Albert John Evans' Waltzer making a warm welcome return.

Terry Atha's Hell-Blazer on top form.

Opposite William Henry Clark with the newest Waltzer at the fair.

John Walter Shaw Amusements Razzamatazz favourite with all ages.

Stewart Robinson providing a dazzling light display as ever.

Finally Richmond's Lazer Blazer hugely popular on 1 ticket on Walton Street.

Topping the bill of the thrill rides in attendance.

Abie Danter's AIR Star Shape.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's AtmosFear Loop Fighter and Reverse Bungee (machines swapped positions).

M & D Taylor's Bomber Mk 2 Booster Maxx.

Graham Sedgwick's Rock Rage located off the beaten track this year.

Dane Crow's ever popular Extreme on its 17th appearance at Hull.

Just three Afterburner-style rides this year, John Silcock's Freak Out shown on a floating position.

Headlining the rest of the major rides & shows.

Wilmot's Crazy Mouse Coaster back for 2nd year.

M & D Taylor's Giant Wheel on usual corner position.

John Simons & Charles Holden's Log Flume.

Baron Hart's Matterhorn now with extra lights and new Snow Jet top sign.

Tony Litliernhurnest's Superbob makes welcome return on floating position.

Stewart Robinson's Tagada on its bi-annual appearance.

Henry James Evans' Tagada returns having previously appeared in 2009.

Gilbert Chadwick's Ghost Train was popular as ever, one of three dark rides present.

From Freddy Stokes came the fair's biggest Fun House.

Finally Showmen's Guild President David Wallis opened his Ice Maze on his position.

The children are not forgotten either.

James Cox's Sharkey & the Pirates Coaster topping the bill.

Jay Dean Storey's novel Frozen Swing on first appearance.

Amongst the juveniles near the bottom Walton Street was this mini-Jumping Frog ride.

Richard Smith's Car ride which operates similar to a Rockin' Tug.

Jay Dean Storey's novel Frozen Swing on first appearance.

In Scotch Corner was Ervin Gamble's Big Apple Coaster.

Jonny Pullar continued the Apple theme with his Caterpillar ride.

Steven Hill's Waveswinger and Toyset at the top Walton Street entrance.

Richard Smith's Carousel near to his adult Paratrooper.

Opposite the Waltzer the Richmond's were operating their Runaway Train.

A few other notable supporting attractions.

John Graham's Hollywood Arcade moving to his own position on the row parallel to Walton Street.

Albert Barker Jnr's award-winning Derby Racer one of three to choose from.

Jonny Pullar in charge of one of two Bingo stalls (the other further along the row from Peter Richardson).

Showmen's Guild Yorkshire Section Chairman Keith Carroll's Tube Shooter.

Trevor Dailey's Whack A Mole game was near the bottom entrance.

In Scotch Corner was Linda Taylor's kiosk open throughout much of the showmen's stay on the site.

Finally local market trader Bob Carver's Pattie & Chips stall open adjacent to the bottom entrance.


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