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Due to falling on its latest dates, Bridgwater Fair clashed with Nottingham Goose Fair. With the vast majority of the regulars which attend both opting for the larger East Midland spectacle, we will take a look at the changes for the 2015 fair.

Darren Matthews' new Loop Fighter.

Brand new from Italian manufacturer Technical Park.

Gerald Reeve's Matterhorn on first appearance.

Took the place of Abie Danter Jnr's AIR Star Shape for 2015.

Other notable changes for 2015.

Change of Spinning Coasters - Thomas and Richie Wilmot's Crazy Mouse replaced Abie Danter Jnr's similar Wild Mouse.

Anderton and Rowland's Freak Out replaced Katie-Louise Noyce's Superstar.

William Danter's Extreme replaced Katie-Louise Noyce's Fun House.

James Cole opened the first Fairtrade-built Waltzer at Bridgwater on Monty Hammond's position.

Joe Noyce's own Star Flyer made its debut in place of the hired ride of last year.

Meanwhile a second Star Flyer was on debut from David Rowland Jnr.

On return appearances after an absence and/or in new ownership.

Last appearing in Bob Wilson's Funfairs ownership in 2005, the Fabbri Booster returned on their position with Bridget Burton.

John Evans Jnr opened the Superstar which appeared for the last 17 consecutive years with Michael Phillips.

Joe William Whitelegg's Ghost Train returns after an absence last appearing with father Joe in 2006.

Successful applicant for the floating position was Evans Bros' Round-Up which last stood here in 2012.

Other photos from Bridgwater.

John Graham's Flying Planes was the largest new juvenile ride.

John Lock Jnr's "Caesars Palace" Pick was amongst the new games on offer.

Finally some general views of the fair during opening day which co-incided with the horse fair and one-day market.


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