A look at the fairground attractions that featured at the 2015 show.

First row of rides.

Mike Rule's Lighthouse Slip.

Howard Bros Gallopers.

New on front row was Joby Carter's Ark moving from the Village Green section to replace the ex-Rowland ride.

Jimmy Bowry's Skid was again the most popular ride on the row.

Stephen Holland's Cake-Walk.

Saunders Collection Steam Yachts.

Harris Bros Chair-O-Planes.

David Downs' steam-driven Gallopers.

At the end - David Downs' Carnival Big Wheel.

Harris Bros Swingboats stood opposite side of the showmen's engines.

Victor Graham's Arcade headed the supporting attractions nearby.

The modern fairground.

Heading the new attractions was Baron Hart's Sea Storm.

Also on first visit from the same Lancashire family - Charlie Hart's Ghost Train.

On different position - Sheldon Lock's Crazy Bulls.

The third ride from the Hart family was Shelden's Over the Top on repeat visit.

Abie Danter's Wild Mouse was again popular during our visit.

As were Garry Evans' Freak Out, Sky Flyer and Air Raid Extreme.

Evans Bros Tagada was popular on side position at evenings.

John Coneley Jnr's Waltzer returned for a fifth year.

One of three Dodgem tracks at the whole event was Charles Cole's fold-up set.

Charles Cole also brought back the only Miami present.

One of several rides for the youngsters - William Wood's Race-O-Rama.

At night - Jan de-Koning's Giant Wheel.

Jason Gray's Booster.

Craig Danter's Superbowl.

Leigh Danter's Superstar.

Ross Larby provided the fair's only traditional Ghost Train.

Largest Ghost Train was again from Jason Mayne.

Allan Heal's Fun House.

Elsewhere around the showground.

Garry Evans Jnr brought along his new fold-up Waltzer.

Denzil Danter's Booster was a new ride along Real Ale Way.

Ken Fox's Wall Of Death returned for its annual visit.

Alongside the Circus Of Horrors were again performing in Joby Carter's Freak Show.

One of several games on offer, this one from Jimmy Crole.

Finally a view of the fairground.

Finally Joby Carter of Carter's Steam Fair provided the Village Green fair for the second year running.

In place of the Ark stood the Octopus under the controls of John Todd.

Chair-O-Planes were back again in full-swing.

The Gallopers (shown) and Steam Yachts were the other two rides in the section.


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