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A second look at the attractions that headed one of the largest street fairs in the World.

Hans de Voer's Booster Maxx

After presenting the Mondial Turbine for the last couple of years, the de Voer family took it to Brussels Foire du Midi instead and swapped it at Tilburg for the Booster Maxx that usually attends the six week long fair in the Belgian capital.

Anja Goetze's Star Flyer presented by Remko Kriek

Centre attraction in the Spoorplein this year was a ride which made its Tilburg debut in 2006 in the NS Plein section. The ride was actually to reappear on the same position again however was relocated due to the absence of Kroon's Mission Space.

Revamped rides.

Buwalda's Spinning Coaster with extra track & renamed Spinning Coaster XXL.

Martin Meijer's Break Dance now sporting a New York theme.

Four ex-UK rides open at the fair.

In addition to Mo de Vrie's recently acquired Reverse Bungee, there was a further four rides present which previously travelled the UK.

Toon van der Weerdt's Chaos Afterburner (ex-Bob Wilson).

Ricardo van der Wiel's Break Dance (also ex-Bob Wilson).

H. Lutjens-van Reken's Spider (ex-John Crick)

C Buwalda's Rollercoaster (ex-Sheeran's of South Shields)

Further German influence at the fair.

Sascha Hanstein's Commander Shake returned to same position in NS Plein.

Moving to a position in NS Plein was Charles Blume's The Tower Event Center.

Heiko Schierenbach's Slide

Another notable Dutch owned rides.

From the Ordelman's came the Inversion XXL and Jumper Jumper.

The van de Ween family were represented by Marcel's Power Wave Polyp on a return visit and Reinard's Snow Jet Matterhorn a Tilburg regular and regular to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Eckelboom's Dodgem was one of two track at the fair positioned at opposite ends.

Although Mission Space failed to appear, the Kroon family did return with their Gravitron.

Two big Ghost Trains in attendance.

The Lutjens family presented their Haunted Castle in the Heuvel section.

The second train was also presented by the Lutjens family in partnership with Sipkema's. In Stadhuisplein (at the corner position where the path branches off to Koningsplein) was the gigantic Spuk dark ride which has previously appeared at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Willemsplein once again consisted of traditional "nostalgische" rides.

Swing Mill is similar to a Skid but the cars are controlled by ropes.

De Spin (cross between an Octopus & Paratrooper) as normal occupied the central position.

Le Papillon (Butterfly) is similar to the Caterpillar ride.

Selection of other attractions supporting the big rides.


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