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A look at the fresh attractions that headed one of the largest street fairs in the World.

Ad & Willy Ordelman's 90m Freefall Tower

Brand new from Funtime in Austria in Autumn 2014, one of the 80 metre drop towers which are becoming popular at the bigger European fairs. This ride took the prime position on the Heuvel section where the fair splits in two directions.

Hassler's Encounter Show

The Hassler family from Germany presented their latest live show, where an experiment on a "creature" goes "horribly wrong." The show was positioned on another prime position of the fair, the Piusplein corner plot which for many years used to feature a Giant Wheel.

Buwalda & Kriek's Gladiator Turbine.

Featured on yet another prime position of the fair the end of the Stadhuisplein section. This a big favourite at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the second such ride to appear at the fair following the appearance of JJ de Voer's Turbine the previous two years.

Henry James Evans' Tagada representing the UK

At the end of the Paleisring next to the Flats underpass, it is believed Tilburg has seen it's first ever Tagada. Judging by the Dutch fairgoers, they obviously had not seen a ride like this before! We wait to see whether any Dutch showmen will buy one following HJE's success here.

Mo de Vrie's Air Race Reverse Bungee.

Recently acquired from Scotland's M & D Taylor, the bungee was on its debut in new ownership.


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