As part of the Fair-Pix Files I will add occasional Blogs to the section with advice and information for others, speaking in honesty and from past experience.

My first blog will be for enthusiasts for all things amusements such as fairgrounds, theme parks, amusement parks and roller coasters. The ever increasing use of social media has added new methods for enthusiasts to display their photographs across the net. However there is one thing that never changes. The most valuable prize asset to achieve as an enthusiast is not how many coasters you ridden, neither is it how many parks or fairs you've visited, it's achieving something from fellow enthusiasts and more importantly from showfolk & park operators - Respect!

Respect is something you cannot seek or get given, you earn it! However there are ways where you can lose it but I won't touch on these this is a positive article. The rewards for earning respect can be quite humbling and satisfying, as explained on the Site History page of this very website. I will touch on that in a future blog. For now I will outline examples of how you can earn respect in the hobbies of fairgrounds and theme parks.

These are some helpful tips how you can earn respect and then generate very good and valuable friendships.

When you are on a fairground or park...

    •     Make yourself known to showfolk or park operators.

    •     Support many different operators as you possibly can. The smaller firms need the support more than the big boys.

    •     Showfolk often love to see your photos, if you have any at hand show them. Usually keeps them busy at quieter periods.

    •     When showfolk or park operators ask you to not publish a photo or any news or gossip, respect their wishes.

    •     Always say "Thank You" if they offer you anything. However please do not abuse this and ask or beg for freebies as this can lead to repercussions!

    •     Finally always be humble and don't be a Mr Know-It-All. This is a pet hate of operators.

These are some helpful tops of earning respect and generating very good and valuable friendships on the web.

When you are on the internet consider the following...

    •     Always give honest opinions about attractions. Try to restrict yourself to being as positive as possible, constructive criticism can be welcomed but don't be negative or rude.

    •     Try to avoid making judgement on attractions you have never tried.

    •     Sharing your photos & videos on pages of Facebook groups and posting them to official pages.

    •     Use as much content of your creation as possible of the subject in question i.e. photos, videos etc..

    •     Sharing your photos & videos on pages of Facebook groups and posting them to official pages.

    •     For publishing photos if you wish to publish someone else's, credit them.

    •     Always make sure your information is as factual as possible. If someone corrects you on something, respect it. You may question them if you wish but do not behave like you are above them.

    •     If you get direct messages from anyone: Always try to reply if you can except if they constantly spam or harass you.

Finally: I have noticed an alarming number of theme park enthusiasts with their accounts set to public, constantly posting photos of themselves at the parks, posting private photos and broadcasting their private lives on likes of Twitter.

To whom it may concern: We want to see photos from where you visit. We do not want to constantly see photos of yourself showing off or your private life posts. We don't care! You may impress your friends but you will never earn interest or respect from wiser folk. You are merely subjecting yourself to attracting the internet trolls who will expose you! If this is the way you want to live - Set your accounts to private!

Fairground enthusiasts are looked upon showfolk as a useful resource for their history, our photos and videos are a handy resource.

I recommend you embrace this and follow my examples as this can be very rewarding. I will not be touching on any of the rewards available or what I have achieved. This is because I personally consider this may glorify this and I really don't want to go down that route. Rewards are different for different people. Don't go comparing yourself to others.

Finally remember: Respect! Do can't seek it, you earn it!

UPDATED: 02/05/2018

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