Hand picked selection of dates for large non-Chartered notable fairs, festivals and model exhibitions only.
21st January
National Funfair Extravaganza (Churchdown, Gloucester)
1st April
Stamford Fair Model Show
13th April
14th April
Conisborough Ticklecock Fair
22th April
Kirkcaldy Links Market Model Show
29th April
1st May
Llandudno Victorian & Transport Festivals
27th May
Lichfield Bower Fairground Model Show
27th May
29th May
Laughton Cuckoo Fayre
2nd June
3rd June
Epsom Derby Fairs
8th June
11th June
Marlow Town Regatta Fair
11th June
Rowell Fair Society Model Show
24th June
The Albert Austin Memorial Model Show Newcastle Hoppings
1st July
2nd July
Northampton Town Show
15th July
16th July
Hollycombe Fairground Weekend and Organ Gathering
21st July
5th August
Gloucester Park Fair
28th July
30th July
Caerphilly Big Cheese Fair
5th August
6th August
Nottingham Riverside Fair
10th August
20th August
Mitcham Status Fair
24th August
28th August
Great Dorset Steam Fair
30th August
3rd September
Devizes Carnival Fair
2nd September
3rd September
Hollycombe Model Weekend
9th September
10th September
Laughton Autumn Show
14th September
16th September
Ringwood Carnival Fair
18th September
23rd September
Frome Carnival Fair
20th September
23rd September
Pewsey Carnival Fair
30th September
Dumfries Rood Fair Model Show
6th October
7th October
Ilminster Carnival Fair
7th October
Nottingham Goose Fair Social and Model Show
14th October
Hull Fair Model Show
26th October
5th November
Milton Keynes Fireworks Fair
27th October
28th October
Ripley Bonfire (Surrey) Fair
4th November
Belper Fair Model Show
4th November
Himley Hall Bonfire Fair
11th November
Donnington Bonfire Fair
11th November
Loughborough Fair FAGB Model Show
17th November
1st January 2018
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
DISCLAIMER: This compilation of dates is created in good faith. Charter Fairs are retained in the list after their completion with the following year's date(s) inserted, observing the date rules applied by their Charter. Fair-Pix does not held itself liable for any inaccuracies that may occur. Some events maybe subject to cancellation or alteration. Advisory to check before you travel any long distance journeys.

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